Hairstyles for Men with Round Faces

The rare round face has an almost circular appearance, with no prominent lines or angles. For men with round faces, the challenge when picking a hairstyle is to take the emphasis away from the center of your face, add some height, and provide balance to your overall look. Consider the following tips to achieve this effect:

  • Keep the hair lean at the sides and try to add some extra volume up top to foster the illusion of length and give you a more oval-shaped look.
  • Stay away from full or round hairstyles.
  • If you part your hair, part it on the side. This serves to minimize the appearance of roundness.
  • Consider wearing some waves around the level of your eyes.
  • Avoid wearing too much length up front or a sharp fringe; if you can achieve softer edges, it will help to reduce the appearance of roundness.

When you’re looking for a style that best suits your round face, talk to our Bellevue hair salon. We can help you find just the right look for you.