Hairstyles for Men with Square Faces

If the width of your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are all roughly equal, you probably have a square face. Such faces are generally characteristic of a strong jawline, giving you a chiselled appearance. This is a strong shape for men, lending itself nicely to the square and angular hairstyles favored by those with a masculine sensibility. Some consider it to be the most flattering shape that a man can have.

Men with square faces can make use of a wide range of styles. However, it is generally considered a good idea to find styles that serve to soften the edges a little. Consider the following tips to achieve this effect:

  • Try cutting your hair in layers to foster the appearance of length in your face.
  • Avoid covering the forehead with bangs.
  • If you part your hair, avoid parting it down the middle.
  • Keep the area around your ears clear.
  • Look for styles that mirror the square shape of your face.

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