Hairstyles for Men with Diamond Faces

You have a diamond face if your cheekbones are the widest part of your face and your forehead and jawline are more narrow. Your jawline is probably long and pointed. Men with this face shape generally want to add balance to their look by minimizing the appearance of width in the cheekbones and shorten the overall length.

There are many options that serve to complement a diamond-shaped face. Bangs are a favorable look, as they serve to shorten your face and soften the point at your forehead. A bit of length can be a good way to balance out your cheekbones and chin, if you go for a wispy, shoulder-length cut. Alternatively, consider a look that tucks in behind your ears to enhance strong cheek bones.

Men with diamond-shaped faces should avoid short looks that leave the the neck and chin area clear. You should particularly avoid adding height on top. If you part your hair, go for a side part; middle parts add length, and are not doing you any favors.

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