Winter Hairstyles That are Cooler Than Winter

Trending Hairstyles for Winter

Don’t you notice your hair behaving differently in winter time? Whatever hair type or texture you have, there’s no denying that your strands behave differently based on the season. Since it’s now cold and wet outside, a change of hairstyle can do a lot of good. Here are what some expert stylists say about the best winter hairstyles.

The Classic Bob. While it’s popular all year-round, it’s especially choice come winter time. The bob is quick and easy to style anytime, anywhere. It’s very versatile, especially best for those with fine to medium hair. With thicker hair, the bob may be too risky. A classic bob should hit about mid-neck.

The Textured Curls. Your natural curls are a winter hairstyle, however, if not properly cared for the dry indoor heat inside coupled with the cold, dry weather outside can take a toll on your hair. The combination can rob your strands of moisture and shine. Your curls do not require daily shampooing and blow-drying. Just refresh your curls in between washes with a hydrating, curl-reviving product. It’s not going to mess up even if you wear a hat, scarf, or earmuffs.

The Clavicut. It’s one of the best winter hairstyles for those who have long hair. If you’re not ready to try short, you can have a cut and a trim just right below the collarbone. At least you’ve removed those old dry ends that are static and nasty. You’ll have less hair to blow dry and still be ultra-versatile. You can wear it down, either straight or with texture, but also long enough to pull up. Before using your inter hat, run a little bit of a styling cream or oil through the visible lengths to add polish and tamp down fly-aways.

The Fringe. Winter time is a great opportunity to add bangs. Summer isn’t always the best time for bangs as sweat and oil are pretty excessive for the hair around this time. Choose your style from the many types to try, from heavy, full-on bangs to something more face-framing. Consider your face shape and hair density for the most appropriate one.

The Pixie. They are a very striking style for winter. They’re easy and care-free, with no worries about dry ends. They can create the illusion of texture and thickness for fine hair. Accessorize your hair with endless choices of clips, ribbons, pins, others. However, pixie cuts come in different variations so be sure to bring a picture of the variety you want to show your stylist.


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