What is Your Season?

What is Your Season? - Geena Moon Salon | Bellevue Hair SalonOccasionally, you will probably hear people describe themselves in terms of one of the seasons, like “I’m a summer” or “I’m a winter”. What they are talking about is their seasonal colors. Everyone has seasonal colors, which serve as a description of the colors found in your skin, hair, and eyes. By determining your seasonal colors, you can better determine which colors will go best with your complexion in terms of clothing, jewelry, and hair coloring.

Step one in figuring out your own season is determining whether your skin tone is “warm” or “cool”. You do this by looking at your arm in natural light. If you see a pink or blue undertone with blue blood vessels, you have “cool” skin. If you discern a yellow undertone with greenish vessels, you have “warm” skin. Once this is done, consult the following to find your season:

  • Spring: If you have warm skin and light-colored hair, you are a spring. The best colors for you are pale and bright, and you should avoid dark colors. Further, avoid wearing black with white.
  • Summer: Summer is characteristic of cool skin and light hair. Pastels, neutral colors, and muted colors are a good choice for you. Avoid wearing bright colors.
  • Fall: You’re an autumn if you have warm skin and dark hair. This has the broadest range of color choices, but rich, earthy tones are your strongest option. Avoid bright colors and pastels.
  • Winter: Winters have cool skin and dark hair. If you’re a winter, you go best with rich colors like red, blue, and hot pink. Stay away from neutral or earthy tones.