Want To Grow Out Your Hair? Tips To Grow It Faster

How to Grow Your Hair Faster

Are you giving up just waiting for your hair to grow out? Before you go for the shears, top experts are recommending that you follow these tips to fast track your hair growth.
Study a bit about normal hair growth. About half an inch a month is the average rate hair grows, with some that grow faster than average and some slower. Many factors influence hair growth – hormones, stress, genetics and aging, and that’s why there are different rates at different times.

Avoid damage and breakage.

Expect you may break off strands as you grow your hair, so be careful. Avoid the hot tools you used to use, like blow dryers, irons, heating curlers and the like. Skip tight ponytails and buns that can pull hair out around your hairline over time. Use masks and conditioning treatments to keep your hair well-hydrated.
Go easy on hair supplements. Vitamins and supplements may help with hair growth only if you are actually deficient in those nutrients, otherwise, there is not much benefit from them. Nonetheless, the most important vitamins and nutrients for healthy hair are the B vitamins, especially biotin, as well as zinc and iron.

Stay on a healthy hair diet.

If your diet is imbalanced and there are deficiencies, then hair growth can suffer. Eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of leafy greens, varied vegetables, whole grains, nuts and lean meats. Meat and shellfish are a great source of zinc, and biotin can be found in eggs, meats, nuts, avocado, sweet potato and dairy. Supplements can help restore healthy hair if its growth is affected by dietary imbalance, stress or illness.

Wash hair the right way.

Cleanse your hair a couple of times a week or more depending on your hair and scalp type. But how and when you wash your hair makes a major difference. An inflamed, irritated, or damaged scalp can disrupt the signaling in the follicles, in turn changing the health of the hair cycle and potentially leading to reduced growth and/or hair cycle dysfunction. Scalp inflammation is caused by dry shampoo and other styling products. Regular use of dry shampoo as a substitute for a real wash causes buildup of silicones from conditioners, hairsprays and styling products. Regularly cleanse with gentle, sulfate-free cleansers to keep the scalp in good health. Also, if your shampoo has anti-inflammatory agents like rosemary oil and salicylic acid from willow can dampen inflammation.

Do deep conditioning regularly.

Once weekly deep conditioning prevents breakage and split ends. Ingredients – hydrolyzed keratin, wheat protein, hydrating oils like baobab and flaxseed – buildup and repair hair. Avoid silicones (or dimethicone) even as they make hair shiny, but actually coat hair and make it heavy, leading to build up and that prevents moisture penetration, leaving hair brittle and prone to break. Use a deep conditioner that can be left in overnight especially if you color, chemically treat, regularly heat style your hair, or expose it to the sun, hair fibers become weaker. Hydrated hair is more elastic, more protected and less prone to breakage. That way you can keep it long and strong.

Get a trim.

Getting a haircut won’t actually make your hair grow faster, but regular trims do help maintain growth. Dead ends make the hair appear shorter so for anyone who wants their hair to be longer, regular trims are always a good idea.

Be wise when you brush.

Be careful when brushing your hair while it’s wet. It’s vulnerable to break. Better not brush, instead, detangle your hair before you shower with a wide tooth comb, and then brush it again once it’s at least partially dried. Use a good detangling brush with cushioned bristles made with natural ingredients such as wood and boar bristles that are gentler on your hair.
Sleep on silk. Sleep on a silk pillowcase, rather than on cotton. Silk doesn’t catch and pull on your hair; also it won’t draw out moisture like cotton would. Likewise, don’t use poor quality hair ties that can also damage hair. Opt for spiral plastic ties, those without seams Avoid metal clasps that can catch and break hair.


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