Trending Hair Colors: The Big Ones in 2018

Colors on Parade in 2018

The new year ushers in all things new and what better excuse is there to celebrate than grab a new hairstyle and/or a new hair hue. This year bold predictions are out and they’re about bold colors. Look at what’s trending in 2018.

The Ombre

The Ombre is the leading hue for hair in 2018. Flowing downward in soft large waves from the top, ombre is best appreciated in the long haired. It is important that the change in color is gradual – from the dark roots in the crown to the extra-blonde ends.

Salt and Pepper

There’s Salt-and-Pepper hair for the bold and for those who can pull it off without flinching. There’s the even bolder, part orange, part red Burnt Orange – the fiery look of Princess Merida of the movie ‘Brave’, the 11th Disney princess of Pixar Studios. Then there’s Bleached Tone, the hard-to-maintain but statement-making bleached-out color.

Tiger Eyee

Tiger Eye is stunning yet with subtle shades like honey, amber, and soft brown painted with a balayage technique. It tends to grow out without the worry of harsh roots and high maintenance. One of the trendiest hues is Chocolate Mauve – the unexpected outcome of brown and light pink so loved by brunettes because it’s like highlight-treated dark hair.


Nude is a subtle statement – soft, all-natural, and skin-toned. Jewel Tones is velvety, vibrant, but not ultra-vibrant punk; bold without the intensity. Baby Blonde is a softer and lighter blonde shade, contrasting with dark winter wardrobe; even looks radiant next to paler, wintertime complexions. Blondz is a combination of blonde and bronze, perfect for dark hair. And do you want red hues, without the commitment to high maintenance? Then try Strawberry Rose.

If you are a dark brunette and you just want a touch of golden color, get the eye-catching look of Driftwood Lights. It gives just enough lightness to dark hair. Bronde is the unique combination of brown and blonde; it beautifully suits everyone. The fusion of the two colors create a flattering sun kissed end result. And then, there’s Pop of Green. It’s a shade of green inspired from Pantone’s 2017 color of the year. It’s attractive accent highlight for light-colored hair and an interior highlight for dark hair.

A New You for a New Year in Bellevue

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