These Hairstyles for Round Faces are Flattering

Styles That Make The Difference

Do you have a round face that makes you worry about which hairstyle suits you best?

Top hair stylists have curated exceptionally varied and flattering hairstyles that will blow your worries away. See which one strikes you and go ahead with it.

You’ll notice that if you wear longer hair it can make round faces appear less round. It balances the width of the face, and if the hair is swept to one side, your face will appear more narrow. And that is why side-swept beachy waves are flattering to round faces; it also makes you feel glamorous and quite sexy. On the other hand, your face will appear longer if your hair hangs in loose, beach waves.

A textured lob, with layers and waves that fall below the chin, can also make a round face look longer and narrower. The same effect is also achieved if you add volume at the top of your head. This short hairstyle is great for naturally thick hair. On the other hand, an asymmetrical lob is a chic trend that can make a round face look around two-thirds of its usual width, contrasting nicely if your cheeks are full. The longer part draws attention away from the jawline. The middle part wavy lob draws attention to the center of your face, putting the focus on your best features like your eyes, nose, and lips. Also, the wavy pieces cover your wide, full cheeks and make your face look more oval-shaped. If you have natural, curly hair, the side part natural hair lob is a classic. Your natural volume of curls can create a beautiful frame for your face while making it look slimmer; a side part is an added interesting dimension.

Now if your hair is medium- length, waves and highlights are great diverters. Waves move and draw the eyes down and lengthen the face. Highlights add dimension and draw attention to your features and away from your jawline. Long waves are flattering for round faces, too. You can build volume at the top then let big, loose, flowing waves fall from the center or side part. Your forehead will look smaller and narrower, balancing your facial proportions.

Here are other flattering hairstyles for round faces.

The Short Afro Haircut leaves more length at the crown of your head, combined with shorter sides, to balance your proportions. Your face will look slightly longer, but not wider. An edgy Side Undercut on both sides of the head buzzed or shaved makes your face look slimmer. The iconic Bantu Knots draw the eye outwards in different directions and add height to the face.


Flattering Hairstyles for Round Faces in Bellevue

If you have a round face and are thinking of changing your hairstyle any time soon, come over to Geena Moon’s hair salon in Bellevue. Let’s see what suits you and what strikes you.