The Hair Colors of Fall 2020 Will Make You Sway

Trending Fall Colors For All Hair Types

What’s great about the 2020 fall hair colors is that you can pair them up perfectly with your accessories – your flannels and scarves and others. Any of them can be flaterring so that now you can take season-worthy selfies. Here are some of the hair color trends to be obsessed with for 2020.

Outgrown Balayage

Outgrown Balayage is a dark color for fall but a few dark highlights are not so bad. You can bring some light color through the bottom of your hair, but keep your roots natural. Copper-Bronze can give hair some extra glow by putting hints of orange into dark bronze hair. Chocolate Fade can give your hair a subtle dimension by going just a few shades darker towards your roots. Caramel Highlights is ok for whatever your haircolor is. It can add dimension while brightening up your look with a warm glow.

Ash Blonde

Ash blonde is primarily shaded blonde, but tinted with cool undertones of gray. The frosted look is versatile enough to take you into the colder months while complementing all of your fall outfits. Gray Green is now a hot hair trend. Especially on gray hair, green undertones are attractive, and the ashy shades, a stylish, effortless vibe. Chunky Highlights create a stark contrast with your natural hair color done on large sections of hair. They use many highlighting or lowlighting techniques to give you that chunky look. Darker Roots on blondes are also officially in. Warm Roots are for those who don’t want to ditch their blonde hairdo completely. A dose of bronde can make your bleached look feel fall-ready.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold hints can perfectly compliment light brown hair, so instead of doing an all-over dye, try some subtle highlights. Burnt Cinnamon is the inspiration from your favorite latte, a swirling combination of rich tones. Layer shades of cinnamon, coffee, and milk for a fall wear. Yellow-Blonde is for fall, as white-blonde strands are for summer. Warm up your look with just a hint of orange.

Jewel Tones

Jewel Tones are luxe tones of sapphire, burgundy, and plum. Cherry Red is a sexy, bold, deep crimson shade that basically screams ‘badass’ on your lips or your hair. Jet Black is for those who want to be bold and daring. It pairs well with everything. Steel is a futuristic color intended for summer only, but dark roots can make the color feel more fall-worthy.


Having A Color Idea for Fall in Bellevue

Whatever your hair color now, you can shift to a new hue for autumn. Just for the change this time of year. Go to Geena’s hair salon in Bellevue for the best color change ever.