The Best Hairstyles for The Square Face: Part Two

Hairstyles for The Square Face

Shoulder-length Textured Layers is great on a square face. Light waves and highlights help soften the sharp, angular jawline, even if the hair is parted in the middle. Feathered Shoulder-Length is a flattering hairstyle, with long layers starting just below the chin, the hair ending at the shoulders. Long hair puts attention on the hair length and takes attention completely away from the jaw line.

Mid-Length With Bangs is a classic soft style. Side-swept bangs will soften the jaw and the length right above the bust will allow for so many versatile hairstyles. Wavy With Bangs are side-swept bangs that soften a square jawline. For a perfectly balanced and flawless look, use a quality shine spray, as the texture is key.

The Textured Pixie is a short, choppy cut that hugs the head shape and creates a soft, youthful look. It softens the corners of the jaw and brings attention to the eyes while creating height and movement. Best when it’s one-inch long in the nape, gradually getting longer, to about 3 to 5 inches in the crown to the bangs area. Long, Sleek, and Straight requires minimal styling. No need to layer. It can be kept modern and sleek by blunt-cutting the length with very little face-framing pieces.

A ’70s throwback, the Modern Shag opens the face and rounds the jaw line with short, face-framing layers, and draws attention to the cheekbones. A curtain bang can be added to accentuate the roundness of the cut, with the shortest strands between the eyes and feather out to between the cheekbones and jaw. The Modern Pageboy is a soft style with timeless appeal. Additional side swept bangs will soften the jaw, rounding out an otherwise square face.

How about waves?

The Wavy With Texture is full of texture and the choppy ends are a great look for square faces. Sophisticated Waves can be created for super-straight hair by spritzing it with a styling spray and winding 2-inch sections around the barrel of a curling iron. Finger-comb out and finish with holding spray. Long Waves With Side-Swept Bangs graze the brows, hitting just below the brow but longer on the sides. Wispy bangs allow some forehead to peek through.


Options for Square-Shaped Face in Bellevue

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