Summer Hair Trends 2020

Trending Summer Hair Styles

Not even quarantine can hold you back from getting those easy, cool hair trends we see today. Perhaps, because it’s quarantine season that these Do-It-Yourself haircuts are the norm for the summer months.
As usual, we look to celebrities for hair inspiration. And we are getting a lot. Some styles just stand out and here we’re featuring the top trends on Instagram.

The Piecey Bangs

For the sunny weather, while social distancing, these piece-y, shaggy fringe with choppy edges and then mussed are the right pick for those who want to do their own bangs. However, to get the right look will largely depend on your hair texture, whatever the shape of your face. Short bangs won’t work if you have a cowlick, and neither if your hair is frizzy or prone to frizziness.

The Shag Haircut

You’ll find this on Selena Gomez’s IG, a 70s-inspired curly hairdo. It’s a modern shag that allows a lot of movement for different hair types. It can enhance the best points of your face and shade imperfections. It’s also very easy to style. The style can go two ways: layers in the front or by placing them all over your head.

The Lob Haircut

It’s been a favorite of celebs for years and they come in many iterations. Back in 2014, the cut sits between the chin and collarbone and grazes the nape of the neck right about the shoulders and with this length it can either fall in a square or A-line shape. The most common mistake, though, is when doing it yourself, you may pull the hair toward the face to cut, which results in a “V” shape in the back. You need to cut across the back. This style fits just about everyone’s face shape.

The Blunt Bob

This dramatic style is often seen on the Kar-Jenner sisters. It reaches up to the chin and features a sharp, blunt edge. It heightens the face shape, especially if shaped heart, oval, or square, softening the jawline and produces a more symmetrical face.

The Side-Swept Bangs

Bella Hadid epitomizes the side-swept bangs. It’s the new go-to summer style. The style allows those looking to grow out their DIY fringe to do so in a way that’s manageable and easily hidden. The look is great on all face shapes.

The Undone Pixie and Mid-Length Cut

This is so cool for the warm weather. Quick and easy to air-dry. It’s something fun and low maintenance.