Oval Face: Most Versatile Face Shape for Any Hairstyle: Part Two

Styles for Oval Faces Part Two

Now the bobs

There are very flattering short expressions of the hairstyle depending on the cut. The Classic Bob is versatile, though it’s the same length all around. When flat-ironed and sleek, it can exude sophistication; paired with blunt bangs, an added playful element. The One Length Bob has a swinging effect, reveals the jawline and chin; it’s a cut that suits any hair texture. The Asymmetrical Bob (one side is longer than the other) takes classic bob to the next level. A deep side part and piecey waves add shape and texture. The Layered Bob suits thin hair. Kept short, with few layers for body and texture, and a side-swept bangs accentuate the jawline. An Angled Bob removes any boxiness in the back and slim out any weight toward the front. It’s best appreciated with one side tucked behind the ear to show off the high cheekbones and accentuate the angle.

A shag is soft and that is why it’s the perfect complement for an oval shape face. A Choppy Shag is a tousled look with lots of short layers around the face and sides and a longer back. The result has an airy effect due to the diffused layers. Use a spray wax or mousse and scrunch it for a messy tousled look. The Shoulder-Length Shag, because it is longer, can be worked different ways. Spritz some texture spray or weave in some big curls, or wear some bangs.

Here are other hairstyles suited to the classic oval-shaped face.

The Long and Sleek Cut can also have blunt bangs; if they are longer on the sides, they frame the face and the eyes beautifully. And to match the sleekness of long hair, better blow dry the bangs using a flat or paddle brush rather than a round one. The Shoulder-Length Soft Curls style is versatile. A sophisticated look is a part in the center, or on the side for volume; the sleek style is softened by curls. Instead of lengthening an oval face, it draws the eye upwards. If your hair is curly, to lessen the triangular shape it makes, layer it to release weight. The Soft Curls style will accentuate the eyes and cheekbones of an oval face. And just to play down the density of the look a full balayage highlight will lighten up the face.

Oval faces can also sport edgy hairstyles with ease. The Voluminous Pompadour has plenty of vertical height in the front of the style. The volume itself makes the face look even slimmer. The Structured Undercut removes softness from the look and adds more angular features, yet it adds strength and structure to the face.