You May Be Blow Drying Your Hair Wrong

Most Common Blow Drying Mistakes

Don’t you just love you hair after a blow dry? It’s smooth, so shiny. For short or long hair, you get to style it the way you want, have straight today and wavy tomorrow. Thank goodness for the blow dryer. It’s one of modern time’s great inventions. Some get it right. Some do not. There are common mistakes we can make with the blow dryer and suffer from its consequences. This excellent tool must be used with care and some degree of skills.

What sort of mistakes do we do while blow drying?

The most common is turning it to highest setting. We believe we speed up the drying and that hair responds faster. Too hot will only burn and damage hair leaving it dry, dull and frizzy. Medium heat is more like it for styling. It may take longer but you’ll avoid frying your hair. Using cold blow drying will only dry hair without the styling. Do use the cold setting after medium heat drying to set that style in place for longer.

Don’t dry too close either. It can result in hair frizzing and breakage and cause burns to the scalp. Too far may not get the maximum style result. We recommend at least a hand’s width from your head for applying heat, unless it is cold drying. Do not rush blow drying, it does take time. Take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours depending on length and thickness of hair. Set aside time and don’t be tempted to use high heat to rush things. Sometimes, you also tend to blow dry large sections of hair in one go. Too much hair may not style well. Try small sections at a time, using clips , and start from nape to the top of the head.

Don’t be too hard on your hair by pulling hair taut, or brushing harshly or too quickly. It can break and damage hair and even pull hair out at the follicle. Notice if you get some hair fall during your blow drying.
Use long, slow strokes with your brush instead with every section. Also, be sure to keep your dryer moving and never stationary in the same position for long periods. Keep it as parallel to the floor as you move it around your head. Besides, it can fatigued you as well.

Be careful about using too much product on your hair, before or during blow dry. However, a heat protective product applied before drying your hair is ideal. But if you’re thinking of gels, sprays, or other hair products it is better to use them to keep the style in place after drying. Chemicals in these products may not favorably react with heat and just cause hair damage.

Take It From the Expert at our Bellevue Hair Salon

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