Living By Hair Care Tips For Healthier Hair Part 2

More Easy-To-Remember Tips

Want to know more helpful and cost-saving advice for healthier hair? Here are more hair care tips to serve you in good stead.
You might think that you get more with high-powered blow dryers. Experts say that most blow dryers dry hair at about the same time. They say the more expensive models are the quietest. However, frequent use of any hair dryer can lead to brittleness and hair loss, especially if your hair is fine. Keep blow dryers a rest. If you must, get protected by using a conditioner or heat styling product.

Your hair undeniably goes through a lot of styling, finding reasons that suit the occasion – all the seasons, parties, outings, etc. Hence, you subject it to combing, brushing, blow drying, and then some chemical treatments. It is no wonder there can be hair damage. Even using certain strong shampoos or vigorously drying the hair can cause damage. Take a break from styling and let new hair grow.

If you have grays and want to cover them, be sure to use a gentle color. Mature hair tends to be weaker and grows out at a slower pace. To avoid damage, mature hair should use less strong chemicals in their dyes. Younger people should also avoid extreme color changes. For example, blondes want to go brunette suddenly and brunettes want to go blonde. There is a risk of damage with extreme changes. Experts recommend staying within three shades of the natural hair color.

Does your hair get frizzy during the hot months? That’s because of the humidity. The high content of water in the atmosphere combines with hair protein and causes some curling or frizzing. This makes hair static if the air is dry. However, even the winter months cause frizzy hair. To counter this static electricity, use a conditioner. Also use shampoos that are pH-balanced.

Caring for curly hair isn’t that difficult. Be sure to use a pick instead of a comb or a brush. It will prevent breakage. They will also look a lot prettier. Curls are also prone to dryness and brittleness. So keep your curls smooth and manageable by using conditioners with polyvinylpyrrolidone.
If you are going for a swim in a pool, better take a shower first. You want to avoid the effects of chlorine in the water that can cause dryness and brittleness on hair. Having taken a shower first, not too much chlorine can be absorbed by hair as it is already saturated with water. If you don’t like to use a swim cap, you can use a pH-balancing product for more hair protection.


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