Hairstyles for Men with Heart-Shaped Faces

A heart-shaped face is one that combines a broad forehead with strong cheekbones and a narrow chin. The main priority in choosing a hairstyle for this face shape is to add width around the area of the chin, while fostering the appearance of length at the top.

Many men with heart-shaped faces favor a longer hairstyle. This can serve to add volume below your cheekbone. Short hairstyles tend to accent the upper part of your face, which is working against you. If you must wear your hair short, consider having it cut close to your head along the sides and let it lengthen out a bit above the ear line until it reaches a length of about an inch at the top of your head. Comb your hair out naturally, preferably to the side rather than slicking it back. If you’re wearing bangs, consider a layered look at about ear-length. If you’re parting your hair, a middle part may be a strong choice.

If you’re a man with a heart-shaped face, Geena Moon can help you find the look that will work for you. Our Bellevue hair salon can tailor your look to complement any face.