Hairspray and Its Advantages at Bellevue Hair Salon

What You Must Know About Hairsprays

Hairspray, also called hair lacquer or spritz, is a cosmetic product sprayed onto hair to keep hair in a certain style or to make it stiff. They can be dispensed via an aerosol or non-aerosol form. Experts say that non-aerosol sprays are best for curly hair, locking in their shape and texture. They are also more environmentally friendly. Aerosols, on the other hand, are best as the finishing hold on a smooth or a blown-out style.

When you look at the labels on hairsprays, you’ll note the terms “light hold,” “medium hold,” or “freeze hold.” They actually don’t refer to the way the spray will hold hair, but rather to the type of hair they are best for. So if your hair is fine, go for the light hold. Medium hold is best for medium to thick hair, while the freeze hold works best on thick hair.

A quality hair spray should be able to hold hair in place and keep it glossy, without flaking off. It should not fail in humid conditions, and can be washed out of the hair easily for at least 48 hours. Good brands should be non-clogging in the nozzle, should dry quickly, and remain waterproof until it is washed out of the hair without leaving residue.

Hairspray can also be nourishing for hair especially if it contains ingredients that invigorate and repair hair. Some formulas can hydrate hair while fighting humidity. Some sprays include vitamins like tocopherols (Vitamin E) or panthenol, which is metabolized in the skin to become vitamin B. Over Others incorporate moisturizers that prevent damage during combing.

If used as directed, hairsprays are safe products. Irritating effects are minor with unintentional eye contact, inhalation, or ingestion of small amounts. However, deliberate swallowing and inhaling the mist can prove dangerous, as well as keeping the pressurized aerosol cans under high temperatures, as their contents are flammable. Nonetheless, this hair essential is a safe and useful tool for styling for both clients and stylists.

Keeping Hair In Place in Bellevue

Geena Moon hair salon uses only safe and proven organic products for treatment and hair care. Geena uses Loma’s Finishing Hairspray or the Loma Firm Hold formula for that perfect lockdown of your hairstyle without the irritating effects nor any buildup or flaking. It’s a natural way to approach hair.