Hair Toning: Savior of Bleached Hair

Understanding Hair Toning

A hair toner is a product that is used on bleached hair to rid it of the unsightly and uneven brassy yellow, orange, and yellow-orange tones characteristic of bleaching. The product is usually purple- blue tinted and when applied hair transforms to that ashy or platinum color that is much more natural-looking and healthy.

Acting like a topcoat, toners fill out hair’s porosity and give it more shine and luster enabling the color to last longer. They will change the undertone of a hair color, but do not lift the shade. Hence, they are meant for bleached or blonde hair and will not work on darker hair. It can also be used on highlights for that seamless transition from roots to ends. When the roots begin to regrow, showing up lighter and brighter than the rest of the strand, toners applied will darken it a few shades more to match the previous highlight.

The more bleached hair is washed the more frequent toning it should get. There are three different types of hair toners that can be applied at home or better still, at the salon. One must be in the know as to how each is used, the proper timing and the right strength for one’s particular shade for there are different brands of differing strengths. There are the strong ammonia-based toners requiring caution in application. There’s the milder purple shampoo that come in different strengths; one must test a couple or so brands to get the desired results. And then the purple hair dye which is just a dye, not really a toner, but serves the same purpose. Only a small amount is needed, mixed with white conditioner to neutralize the yellow tones.

Since following product instructions is key to successful toning, a professional job done for beginners or the not-too-sure is most appropriate to avoid any potential damage to hair. Bleached hair is fragile and correct timing of toning is essential. Wastage of product can also be avoided if professional advice is also sought.

Geena Moon’s Secrets to Perfect Hair Toning

Geena’s hair toning is really a savior for bleached or blonde hair. She recommends toning all the time and at precise times for that glorious shining look of blonde and just-blonded hair. Try her expertise first before you venture on your own toning adventures and get the best seamless and most natural tones for bleached hair. Geena imparts great tips to keep your locks lovely and longer and the better brands in the market and how to use them should you feel the confidence to do your own toning at home.