Hair Myths: What’s True and What’s Not

Proving Hair Myths Wrong

Check out a few things you’ve always known about hair. Some might just be old wive’s tales but are they really helping? In pursuit of gorgeous, healthy hair, you pursue everyday habits you thought all along benefit your locks. Do they really? It’s good to do a real research and find out if you’re not actually wasting time.

Trimming your hair frequently makes them grow faster. Actually, it doesn’t. Hair growth happens at the root tips in your scalp, not at the ends. Experts recommend hair cutting every 6 to 8 weeks to remove split or frayed ends. This makes hair look fuller so that you think you are growing hair faster.

Dandruff indicates a dry scalp. This is not so. A certain type of yeast causes dandruff and it grows in an oily environment, not dry. So instead of washing your hair everyday, which will cause hair to be dry, choose a medicated shampoo that is specific for dandruff.

Plucking out a gray hair will produce more gray hairs. This is not true. Gray hair growing and multiplying has nothing to do with plucking. But it doesn’t mean you can launch a full blown war against your grays by plucking incessantly. It will make your grays weaker until they don’t grow back anymore. What to do? You either celebrate your grays or go for a coloring.

More brushing makes hair healthier. Yes and no. Yes, brushing distributes the natural oils evenly on the hair, making them shiny. But overdoing it is not good, certainly not 100 times a day. Too much brushing can cause friction and frizz and breakage in the long run. Too frequent brushing can destroy the hair cuticle.

Hair need not be washed everyday. That depends on your hair and scalp condition. Everyone’s hair is different. If your hair is really oily at the roots washing everyday can control the greasiness. However, there are people who like to keep a certain oiliness in their hair, so they don’t wash everyday. If you have dry scalp, washing every other day or when your hair already feels greasy should be alright. But choose a good shampoo for such condition.

Busting Hair Myths in Bellevue

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