What Do You Do: Hair Crisis During Quarantine

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During this time of quarantine and social distancing, you’d expect hair salons across the country are closed and hairstylists are not working. Your hair has now grown annoyingly in need of a trim – all those split-ends and grown-out bangs. Are you tempted to pick up a pair of scissors and start cutting away? Chances are, you’ll be settling for a kitchen or a paper scissor that will not actually do the job right. Top hairstylists were asked what is best to do.

Stylists agree that you shouldn’t try to cut your own hair at home. “Now is the time to leave your hair alone”, they say. But if you must, point cut into the bangs just to get them out of your eyes but don’t cut them blunt. Otherwise, use bobby pins if you’re not too confident.

Don’t think about cutting, but rather use this time at home to repair your hair from heat damaging and styling. Manage the damage by a formulated leave-in mask which will make split ends look less obvious. Or you can focus on color and shine-boosting treatments like color-depositing hair masks that will enhance your current hair color.

For hair that looks brassy, consider the minerals and heavy metals built up from your shower water. You can add a filter to your shower head to purify the water, or add a treatment that reverses water damage into your hair care routine, such as pre-shower spray that prevents hair from swelling and stretching when it’s wet, which can lead to frizz and breakage.

Consider your hair type and needs. Typically, if you have coarse hair, shampoo less, fine hair, shampoo a little more. Use conditioner instead of shampoo. If you will blow dry your hair, use a heat-protectant spray. Now is the time of giving your heat tools a break. Be gentle when brushing your hair. Avoid using round brushes, which tug and pull on hair, and opt for a brush with soft bristles. Stylists advice to do the least possible amount of heat styling right now to have great, gorgeous hair for summer.

With everyone social distancing for the foreseeable future, reach out to your stylists to make an appointment when quarantine is over and you feel safe to visit your stylist.


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