French Cut in Bellevue

French Cut

These days, even the toughest female CEOs know the advantage of the French cut. This haircut style is a revolutionary technique that softens facial features and heightens the feminine charm. The stylist trained in this cut studies a client’s face shape, head size, features, neck, including body type and personality. She will then decide the most flattering cut and style to frame the features, accentuating instead of hiding them. She will build the cut from the top going down and as she goes, studying and determining the final look. It is sometimes akin to working on a canvass.

The end result will be a look that is softer, more feminine, even more commercial, like a magazine cover shot. The style moves as the body moves, softly tailored to the client’s lifestyle. It’s a low-maintenance cut, easily manageable for the woman on the go.

Geena Moon: French Cut Master

Our hair stylist in Bellevue has been using the style for many years to the delight of clients. She’s been called amazing, wonderful, exceptional where her skills with the French cut are concerned. She just knows what style, cut or fashion befits particular personalities. If clients agree, they just end up happier with the results. Geena gives their hair a new look that literally transforms face, body, and personality.

Come to our hair salon in Bellevue and have the cut that softens your style and moves with your body. If you haven’t had the French cut yet, experience it first with Geena Moon.