Factors Affecting How Often Should Hair Be Trimmed Part II

More Recommended Trimming Times 

Here are more ideas about how often different hairstyles and types should have a trim. There are factors that affect the frequency of hair trims. Consider these different hair types and how often it should get a trim.

Thick hair. Recommended every few months because by itself thick hair can be maintained minimally without a salon visit. However, thick strands can become unruly if they do not have regular maintenance.

Thin hair. Trimming is advised every two months. Thin hair tends to lose its luster without regular trimming. Thin hair is also prone to breakage, so it needs regular salon visits.

Coarse hair. Similar to thick hair, coarse hair needs a few months in between trimmings. If you have this type of hair, you would know when it needs a refresh. 

Fine hair. Every 6 weeks trim is advised. Very fine hair is susceptible to breakage and so hair cuts are needed regularly. Just like thin hair, fine hair trimming is easy. It’s just a matter of keeping the length. 

Straight or wavy hair. Around 10 to 12 weeks, straight or wavy hair can be snipped. However,  if the hair is fine, 2 weeks earlier is recommended. Again, this is because fine hair easily breaks. 

Coily hair. This type of hair can wait 12 weeks or a quarter of the year before a trim. However, some types of coily hair may need more frequent hair cuts because of dryness. It’s something that plagues fragile, coily hair. 

Kinky or curly hair. This hairstyle can be restricted to trimming once every 6 months. Some with kinky hair go for trims 3 times a year. It’s because, over time, the difference in growth is negligible or not too noticeable. 

Are there rules for trimming schedules for hair that go through regular chemical treatments and use hot tools? Chemically processed or dyed hair needs more regular hair cuts. Dyes make hair fragile especially at the ends. Similarly, if hair is subject to heating tools via blow drying, curling, and straightening, it can get damaged. Heat-damaged hair can be easily cut off, but gradual shaving off every few weeks can restore the health of the hair. 

Seek professional advice if your hair type falls in a variety of categories. Remember that regularly trimmed hair is healthy hair that grows much faster and looks more alive. 


Having Regular Trims in Bellevue

When you think your hair is due for a trim, come visit us at Gina Moon’s hair salon. Let’s advise you about hair trim schedules that suits your hair type and style best.