2020 Spring Hairstyle Trends

Easy To Duplicate Spring Hairdos

Are you looking through the pages of a spring hair trend report? After a minute or so of flipping, nothing strikes you. It dampens you. But really, one particular look catches your eye. You’ll find yourself saying, “I love her hair!” Actually, the 2020 spring trends can be generally described as looks that you can relate to and aspire to. These hairstyles will speak to you and will give you that 2020 vibe.

The Deep Side Part. It’s refreshing and impactful. All you have to do is change where you part your hair. Actually, the deeper the side part, the chicer the result. Deep parting hair provides any haircut instant volume. So get this look that will certainly deliver that ’70s-inspired fullness without the shag haircut.

That ’90s Updo. This is a modern throwback of the 90’s updo. It’s simply called the 90’s updo. It’s all about piling the hair up on top of the head, and then pulling out two pieces at the hairline that will frame the face. The style gives an effortless feel. It’s quite like hair after your bubble bath. The few strands pulled out makes the whole look feel sexy and sophisticated without trying too hard.

The Glass Shine. This is the almost-lacquered finish that’s trending this season. The glass-blonde color trend is but natural to spill over into a style report. If you’re liking to copy the look, go for an in-salon gloss. If not, a leave-in oil works great as well.

The Modern Pigtails. Pigtails are a very surprising hair trend that we see for this spring – but it’s a new take on pigtails. The bubble pigtails created a sensation at Milan Fashion Week, then a French-braided version appeared on movie star Hilary Duff. It’s looking like the modern pigtails will be huge at Coachella 2020.

The Single Barrette. This is about the accessory that is clipped to the hair and gives your locks a style that trends. The single barrette – with crystals, pearls, rhinestones, shiny beads, dazzling sparklers, or other, are highlights to any modern updo. It’s trendy and very “Insta-worthy.” And it’s here for spring.

Find your inspiration in any one of these five trendy spring hairstyle offerings.


Spring Picks for You in Bellevue

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