Our Business is Hair on Main Street Bellevue

The Hair Salon on Main Street Bellevue

Most beauty salons are one-stop shops where full range of services are offered ranging from treatments for the soles of the feet to the crown of hair on the head. With matching interiors, they complete the ambiance of the total beauty package. But beauty establishments have specialized. That’s why there are salons just for nails, or just for feet, and there are those just exclusively for hair. Like the hair salon down Main in Bellevue.

Geena Moon Hair Salon in Bellevue dedicates itself to hair treatment and care. Geena provides haircut services or trimming for men, women and children, hair coloring including Balayage, deep conditioning treatment and gloss treatment, and hair styling. The salon offers the sensational Brazilian Blowout and accepts bridal and other special occasions’ hair up-do styling. Geena Moon is also one of those salons that specialize in the Japanese art of thermal hair straightening, a treatment in which stunning outcomes depend on stylist’s expertise.

Bellevue Hair Stylist

The Geena Moon Hair Salon is a modern hair haven for men, women and kids as well. The place is upscale yet engagingly designed for client comfort and convenience. You can tell right away they treat their hair business seriously, yet the staff is friendly and warm. Geena has more than 18 years of hair styling and treatment experience. She is straight-forward with her professional advice, care tips, and do’s and don’t’s in maintaining healthy, great-looking hair. See her reviews glow like the heads of hair that leave her salon everyday.
If you are tired of that old hair style then come for a change at our hair salon in Bellevue.