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Hairstyles for Men With Triangular Faces

A triangular face, occasionally known as a pear-shaped face, is characteristic of narrow forehead and cheekbones paired with a wide jawline.

When a man is choosing a hairstyle to go with such a face, the object is generally to minimize the appearance of width around your chin while enhancing the area around your forehead. A layered hairstyle goes well with a triangular face, in that it can serve to soften your prominent jaw line and give balance to your face. Consider a short look with heavy layers around the top and on the sides to add volume above the ears and give you a rounder, fuller look. If you want a more medium-length style, try one that tapers to the jaw line and side-swept bangs. You should probably avoid wearing your hair long, as it will draw attention to the chin area; try limiting your length to your nape.

No matter what shape your face may be, Geena Moon can help you to find the style that will complement you. Talk to our Bellevue hair salon to learn more.